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The world is digital and strongly interconnected. The considerable increase in the use of technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data increases the perimeter of vulnerabilities, making the risk management process within companies more and more organized. Today the risks deriving from cyber attacks are in third place after natural disasters and extreme weather events (Global Economic Report of the World Economic Forum).

As the internet evolves and computer networks become bigger and bigger, network security has become one of the most important factors for companies to consider. Big enterprises are designing and building software products that need to be protected against foreign attacks.

By increasing network security, you decrease the chance of privacy spoofing, identity or information theft and so on. Piracy is a big concern to enterprises that are victims of its effects.

Smart Pillars provides installation of high-performance network security platform has solutions for the core , the edge, and access. The network operating system is flexible enough for deployments of all sizes and environments, from carriers to small businesses by flexibility with a wide range of options and products.

All Security solution covered

Activate your network as a security sensor to detect and contain threats, wherever they may be

Complete and scalable solutions to help you secure web and mobile applications, and manage application vulnerabilities.

Effective data security for all of your use cases, whether compliance and privacy initiatives or big data security projects.

Reduce data breaches and the damage to your business and customers with the right approach to people security.

Identify attacks that reactive approaches miss, identify root causes that improve predictions, gain full visibility into attacks that evolve over time.

We offers end-to-end solutions that enhance security intelligence, detect attacks, and respond quickly to incidents.

Solutions are based on three macro areas:
Cyber Security Solutions & System Integration, Advisory, and Managed Services supported by top security leaders such as Sophos, Cyberaom, Fortinet, SonicWall and others


The Top 4 most challenging security domains in the digital transformation journey are


Data Security Score


Application Security Score


Cloud Security Score


Infrastructure Security Score

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