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IoT services

IoT Service Procceses

IoT Advisory Services 

• IoT Transformation Roadmap Strategy
• IoT Audit and Readiness Assessment  

IoT Design and Build Service 

• Solution Design and integration
• Technology Selection
• Cloud and Analytics
• Machine Learning
• Device Management  

IoT Lifecycle Services 

• Field Implementation and Maintenance
• Sensor, Device and Hardware Installation
• Data Integration with Any Enterprise Apps
• Infrastructure Performance Optimization and Monitoring
• Firmware and Security Patch Management  


See in Action

For a sneak peak at what SMARTset offers watch this video to see all the features.


Smart Building

The main features of smart buildings :
• High Speed internet
• Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
• Room Occupancy
• Point of Entry Security / Access
• Building Entrance Counter (Virtual Turnstile)
• Indoor/Outdoor Illumination Management
• Smart Maintenance
• Water Consumption Monitoring  


Smart Data Centre Monitoring & Control 

• Customizable dashboards are where the data is displayed – with over 35 widget types to choose from, the data can be presented to prioritize the most important information in any scenario.
• Real-time Web socket monitoring – PUE/COP and capacity calculations
• League tables of performance across estate, broken down by site/room/system
• Heat maps of temperature, humidity, pressure and power  


Smart Power (Energy Management System): 

• Unlimited control modes (SOC, Voltage Regulation, Frequency Response, Peak Shaving etc.), all of which can be scheduled, triggered .
• Arbitration between modes based on any criteria
• Controls can use weather (current and predicted) to tune performance Support for all electrical meter manufacturers that use Modbus, SNMP or BACnet e.g. Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Socomec, Carlo Gavazzi, Elster, Northern Design, Landis + Gyr and many others.
• Real-time behavioral alarms to indicate impending issue
• Values and schedules computed on a per second basis
• SMARTset is used both locally (on device) and in the cloud to orchestrate control and provide a rich dash boarding and reporting interface to users via a secure web front-end  


Telecom Monitoring & Control  

• low cost, feature rich controller covers all functions
• It gives user configurable dashboards that provide a ‘single pane of glass’ view across your whole estate, including factors such as energy, temperature and humidity, door security, and leak detection.
• It can also act as a site’s Energy Management System (EMS), working alongside a Battery Storage System to allow demand response and peak shaving.  


Smart Waste Management 

• Waste generation
• Geographical locations
• Optimized collection routes
• Bin level  


Smart Energy Management 

• Energy usage
• Energy consumption behavior
• Abnormal energy consumption patterns
• Carbon footprint vs renewable energy Consumption  


Smart Water Management 

• Water usage
• Water quality
• Leakage detection
• Predictive maintenance planning  


Space Utilization 

• Usage pattern
• Space management  


Public Facility-University, School and Enterprise offices 

• Smart Library Solution
• Smart Street Light System
• Smart Parking
• Smart Gardening
• Air Quality, Noise and Weather Monitoring System  

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